VR Virtual School (VRVS) goals are to use Virtual Reality technology to increase student awareness of natural disaster management in the school environment. In the VRVS, students can fully immerse themselves in the school’s VR environment. Students are able to experientially interact with different educational scenarios. VRVS scenarios can address natural disaster response issues. Every school can use it either with devices or without, because it has independent broadband, and there is also a stand-alone version.

The correctness of the scenarios has been verified by Mr. Emmanouloudis and the assistant professor of the chemistry department, Mr. Michalis Chalaris.

The project was funded by Laskaridis Foundation. 

Special thanks to Prof. Emmanuloudis Dimitrios and Assistant Prof. Chalaris Michael for evaluating the provided educational scenarios. 

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Επιλογή Σεναρίου

Επιλέξτε ένα από τα εφτά διαθέσιμα εκπαιδευτικά σενάρια ή ένα τυχαίο σενάριο.

Slide 2 Choose
Επιλογή τρόπου διαφυγής

Ενημερωθείτε για την τρέχουσα καταστροφή, με βάση το σενάριο, και επιλέξτε τον ενδεδειγμένο τρόπο διαφυγής.

Slide 3 Escape

Δείτε να εκτελείται ο τρόπος διαφυγής που επιλέξατε.

Slide 4 feedback

Λάβετε οπτική και ηχητική ανατροφοδότηση ανάλογα με την επιλογή σας

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Visit the VRVS web page and play the game.





Download the stand-alone Windows version to play the game without the need for an Internet connection.

VR App

Download and install the Android VR App to fully immerse yourself in the VRVS.